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About CPWrite

At a big desk in a small studio sits a freelance writer. She writes, she researches, she reads, she works.

Owner of CPWrite freelance writing, I’ve been a professional freelance writer for more than ten years, but a writer my whole life. An unabashed question-asker and naturally curious, I enjoy the challenge of turning raw information into engaging copy for websites and blogs, articles, press releases, case studies and the occasional promotional piece.

CPWrite History

I’ve had 9-5 job experience in magazine editing, radio, co-op advertising, healthcare marketing, catalog proofing and writing for the library industry. As a freelance writer, I’ve written SEO-rich web content, profiles of interesting people and businesses, case studies, brochures and press releases. I’ve contributed and marketed online content. I’ve published feature articles, short stories and essays.  I’ve interviewed a host of people, from college professors to acclaimed author Julia Alvarez. My credentials are solid.

Building my business and reputation over the years has been educational and rewarding.  Today, CPWrite freelance writing operates from an official writing studio in The Pajama Factory; a haven dedicated to both the art and business of writing.